improvisationally birthed, bombastically enhanced emotionally charged space-prog stadium rock since 1995
news:  In August of 2013, Beyond-O-Matic released an all-new 7 song, 75 minute album entitled 'Relations At The Borders Between'! This is the band's first release since 2010, and their first all new recordings since 2002's Time To Get Up sessions. On this release, the band explores the different phases of life and death and the human connections that make it all worthwhile. And of course, the altered states of conciousness that we seek to find the meaning of it all! Armed with the usual array of strange and unusual instruments and effects, the beyondos blast back onto the scene with their customary joie d'vivre!
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relations at the borders between - 2013 time to get up - 2004 your body - 1998 sonic reclaimator - 1996 the flight of luis garcia - 1994
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Austin, TX 78757
label:  Trail Records - The Most Awesome Label In The World!